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H & R Block

"With any acquisition, organizing the systems landscape and merging business applications is a challenging process. We knew that an Open Source approach would bode well due to our business requirements. Anytime there is an integration with a financial system, extreme caution must be taken and we knew that we needed an expert to guide us through the implementation. Intelestream helped us execute the project on time and on budget."
-Luke Norris, Director of Business Development
  • Integrate support, CRM, and accounting systems from Tax Works to H&R Block after H&R Block purchased the company.
  • Manage an increased volume of support cases (over 10,000) and daily trouble tickets with no increase in staff and with shorter turnaround times.
  • Handle a high number of new Taxworks customers transitioning to H&R Block.
  • Replace an antiquated system for managing support cases in order to sustain higher support volume.
  • With the acquisition of Taxworks, H&R Block had scattered data across multiple disconnected systems. The company needed to eliminate ‘information silos’ and centralize information under one roof. Due to integration requirements and the intricacies of necessary customizations, the challenge could not be accomplished with proprietary software.
  • The company contacted Intelestream for an open source solution that matched their business processes and integrated their systems. Intelestream and H&R Block determined together that a customized instance of the SugarCRM Enterprise™ application would accomplish the company’s objectives.
  • Intelestream’s Professional Services Team utilized the Open Source platform and provided customizations to handle H&R Block’s support workflow.
  • Intelestream integrated the customized CRM instance with the company’s internal accounting system, Microsoft Great Plains.
  • Intelestream developed a highly customized call center solution. Included with the integration to the accounting system, Intelestream developed a sophisticated hierarchy of dependent dropdowns in order to assist support technicians with troubleshooting, while providing automation through major workflow changes to the Cases Module.
  • Intelestream utilized a linked server to integrate with the Great Plains database and performed nightly batch process runs to bring data from Great Plains to update the SugarCRM™ database.
  • Created automation around Case Management, which shortened the average case lifespan, saved money, and reduced manpower.
  • The configuration of the CRM user interface gave employees an intuitive, easy-to-use application capable of helping users in multiple departments.
  • Intelestream’s customizations improved follow-up on leads, prospects, and customers.
  • The CRM solution developed by Intelestream is currently in use by over 100 call center reps handling heavy call volume.
  • Intelestream completed a successful CRM integration with Microsoft Great Plains
ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND H&R Block Inc. (NYSE: HRB) is a leading provider of tax, accounting, and related financial products and services. H&R Block is the world's largest tax services provider, having prepared more than 400 million tax returns since 1955. The company and its subsidiaries reported revenues of $4.0 billion and net income from continuing operations of $374.3 million in fiscal year 2007. The company has continuing operations in three principal business segments: Tax Services (income tax return preparation and related services and products via in-office, online and software solutions); Business Services (accounting, tax and business consulting services primarily for midsized companies); and Consumer Financial Services (tax-related banking services along with brokerage services, investment planning and related financial advice). Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., H&R Block markets its continuing services and products under two leading brands – H&R Block and RSM McGladrey.
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